Fantasy Player Ranking: How Does Your Fantasy NFL Player Rank?

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If you are looking for fantasy player rankings to boost your fantasy football team, you came to the right place because we will give you our take on the best NFLfantasy player rankings. Of course, these are all just based on our opinion which we’ve made as long time players and football fans. So, here are our fantasy player rankings. We hope it helps you with your draft. Good luck!

Fantasy NFL #1: Jamaal Charles from the Kansas City Chiefs. Okay, some of you reading this may be frustrated with this guy right here so I suggest you breathe in and breathe out so we can get this tip in your system already. You might be asking us, Jamaal Charles? Why is he on my pick? He was ranked as the second best player in the NFL in rushing yards in 2011! Why is he fifth? Well, Jamaal Charles may be very good in rushing yards and in fact, we counted. It is 1000 + 467 = 1467 rushing yards and yes, he is ranked second in the NFL last year but here is the reason why he is not at the top of my list. First, there is his five rushing touchdowns which ranked 25th in the league. Another player, Gore, has 1,915 touchdown and to me that is a more phenomenal and impressive number. Personally, Charles is a bit slow to my preference. The 8 touchdowns he had, well, those were just in weeks 1 to 14. Where is the consistency? From a fantasy point of view, Jamaal may be a great player but not the top 1. Besides, if you were his owner in last year’s games, you probably would not make it to the playoffs. I believe Charles will be taken in the first few rounds of your draft. He is a superstar and he will improve based on his 2010 performance.

Fantasy NFL #2: You should also check out San Francisco 49ers player Frank Gore. We all know Gore and we know him as that amazing stud that dominated 12 games last year. His numbers average a total of 110 total yards per contest. That’s just pretty amazing. As a fantasy football team owner, I never owned Frank Gore as part of my team, not even in one single fantasy league, but I was still disappointed to see that I didn't have him on my team. This is perhaps (and arguments are welcome) Gore’s best career season. Although, I am frustrated that I didn’t see him coming and did not draft him when I got the chance, but I am still not a huge Gore fan when it comes to being a fantasy player. I think Gore is good, but the guy always comes out as drafted on the first 6 rounds. And to me that is great, but not something which I think deserves that much fanatic devotion.

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Fantasy Player Ranking: How Does Your Fantasy NFL Player Rank?

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This article was published on 2011/03/25